Cube Houses in Helmond

According to wikipedia: Piet Blom (Feb 8, 1934, AmsterdamJun 8, 1999, Denmark) was a Dutch architect best known for his 'Kubuswoningen' (Cube houses) built in Helmond in the mid-1970s and in Rotterdam in the early 1980s. He studied at the Amsterdam Academy of Building-Arts as a student of Aldo van Eyck. [Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piet_Blom"]

I have pictured here the Helmond Cube House. There are many more photos available online of the kubuswoningen in Rotterdam. I plan to see those one day. I mean, I've seen them, but there is one guy that offers a tour through one of the cube homes and that's what I plan to see one day. He offers this tour for a small fee - 3 euros I think - and more information can be found on that here: http://www.kubuswoning.nl/introkubus2.html

In the Helmond Kubuswoningen - there are 3 houses attached. The entrance is through the "trunk" at the bottom. According to kubuswoning.nl there are three levels I believe. Very wild stuff here - I look forward to my future tour inside :-)

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